TX Health Literacy Conference 2019
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Health Literacy Collaborative


 The Health Literacy Collaborative, formally named San Antonio Health Literacy Initiative (SAHLI) was established in 2005. It is a comprehensive program that aims to increase health literacy awareness and efficacy through strategically addressing primary gaps in health literacy today by:

  1. Providing local and relevant information as to what health literacy means and how it applies to daily life activities and health awareness. 

2. Modifying provider practices to ensure proper and effective patient-health provider communication histories.

 3. Instituting cultural change towards health literacy through empowering patients and health providers to participate in a more health literate society. 

4. The individuals found to be at most risk for poor health literacy include the economically poor, elderly, those who did not speak English before starting school, those with limited education, and those with physical or mental disabilities. These individuals are frequently members of ethnic and/or cultural groups, incarcerated, homeless and often have limited access to health care.


Description of the Health Literacy Collaborative:

The Health Literacy Collaborative, is a program of The Health Collaborative and is a resource based on the collective efforts of multiple community partners. The Health Literacy Collaborative is a group of volunteers from community-based organizations, healthcare settings, local colleges, and universities. It's efforts are to act as a county-wide expert roundtable in health literacy by bringing together representatives from various entities, both public and private, to share their experiences and possible solutions addressing low health literacy in San Antonio. 

 For more information or to get involved, contact us at info@healthcollaborative.net or (210) 481-2573.

Community Collaborators


Charles L. Kight (Founder)

Virginia Mika, PhD, University Health System (Co-Founder)

Oralia Bazaldua, PharmD., UT Health Long School of Medicine

Jacque Burandt, Award Winning Results LLC

Charlene Doria Ortiz, Ryan White HIV Program 


Mary Kate Martin, UT Health School of Public Health San Antonio Regional Campus
Melanie Stone MEd- UT Health  Community Service Learning

Pegeen A. Seger MA, MLIS, AHIP- UT Health Libraries

Elisabeth De la Rosa, Institute for Integration of Medicine and Science
Charlene Doria Ortiz, Community Member

Oralia Bazaldua, PharmD., UT Health Long School of Medicine

Christine Yanas, Methodist Healthcare Ministries Of South Texas Inc

Rafael Maldonado University Health System

Martha Castilla, Community Health Worker

Guadalupe Cornejo, NW Vista College